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  • leen Friend

    when i set the theme to red or orange, or any new i have made, it doesnt show it on the front.
    am i doeing anything wrong.
    ive tested it on IE 11, Chrome and Firefox.

    greatings Leen

    ps in ‘theme magic’ colors (red orange) are visible!

    TomC Moderator

    Have you tried clearing both your browser and JAT3 cache ??

    leen Friend

    Hi Tom,

    thanx for your reply,

    Yes ive cleared my browser cache, and joomla cache. did not find an option to clear the JAT3 cache.
    in previos versions cache for jat3 could be switched off. cant find it in joomla 3.xx

    leen Friend

    Hi I have turned off the Joomla cache in global configurations. this seems to work.

    thanks Tom for your advice.


    TomC Moderator

    Glad to be of assistance . . . All the best with your continuing site development.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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