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  • cherryred Friend

    I have searched (thoroughly!) and eventually managed to get background image displaying, and add style to the masshead title. So I am slowly making progress, which is good.

    But the background banner image is cropped, only the top third is showing.
    Please can you explain where the displayed image dimensions are being controlled, and I will try to follow instructions.

    It might be helpful to add the answer to this question to the documentation.
    Also to add to the documentation, exactly how to add the replacement code that allows images to be used.

    It is a bit frustrating spending hours trying to make a background image show correctly, I had hoped the module would work easily straight away, assuming I read the documentation. Adding the complete documentation would be kind and reduce frustration 🙂 thank you

    cherryred Friend

    The background image is also being tiled horizontally.
    What image dimensions would stop this from happening?

    pavit Moderator


    Would be useful for us to look at your website first to answer to your questions, if you are on localhost then find a way to publish your website on a public host so we can access it and debug it directly.

    cherryred Friend

    Is that the only way to help?
    I would like to learn how myself.
    That way, if in the future I want to make changes to the images, I will know how to make them display correctly.

    If I put the site live, I was hoping to get it looking right, before everyone sees it;
    but maybe then I have to develop on a public site not on localhost?

    What do you think?

    pavit Moderator

    but maybe then I have to develop on a public site not on localhost?

    Public host is only a way to let us to access your website, a problem can be due to multiple causes there is not a single solution for it , so instead to stay here to try and try solutions , looking at it directly with a super user access could help both of us.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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