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    Thank you for an article or quality.

    pro2710 Friend

    well system changed a lot. after Panda all is not as before. No a days On page SEO means Real and Genuine content is must do thing, 🙂

    Real Content is first thing to do before anything. 🙂

    mikulasmanko Friend

    My tips would be try to submit articles to High PR directories, try to do manual directory submission and some natural link exchanges will do wonders in your case.

    I hope I helped you.

    Regards, Miklas

    shazib111 Friend

    Quantity of backlinks doesn’t matter but the quality do. We should try to get quality backlinks instead of quantity.

    sararnhealth Friend

    I set up a blog that i then have links to all my forum posts that have backlinks in them and then submitted that to directories, thinking that google will index the blog, follow all the links and then index each of the backlinks daily. the blog page is not accessible thru the actual blog, its on a hidden page, so i can maintain real content on my blog while it serves this other purpose as well.

    sharrydan Friend

    I just read, to my mind, a better-than-usual article:

    Have you ever thought of having only anchor and high PR backlinks as eating a lot of healthy fruit without eating something else …

    scampeler Friend

    Quality of backlink will increase when buliding backing in big forum.

    michelsmith Friend


    There are five main tasks to implement systematically whether to build quality backlinks for your blog / website:

    1. Create quality content;
    2. Submit your blog to directories related;
    3. Submit new content to the blog Social bookmarks;
    4. Comment on blogs, websites and related forums;
    5. Get links to the various pages of the blog / site.
    6. There are five main tasks to implement systematically whether to 7. build quality backlinks for your blog / website.

    thoiht Friend

    Thanks for share.
    Another way to get high PR backlinks:

    sherylinreco Friend

    There are many techniques to get backlinks.
    but be careful you do not get the backlinks by black hat method otherwise be ready for panda slap and for white hat method to get instant and high PR backlinks.

    auswandern Friend

    <em>@ovidius 227402 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hmm i use stumbleupon and i get 1000 visits daily fromt ther.. hmm about forums.. in 14 days i made 6000 backlinks
    😀 i use yahooexplorer to check them:)</blockquote>
    1000 visits sounds impressive and hard to believe. But I give it a try, thanks for the tip.

    austinlanger Friend

    Yes no doubt in that these are the perfect ideas to get quality back links and i think blog commenting is also another best idea to get back links for your site.

    austinlanger Friend

    If you don’t mind kindly share your work experience with me how you achieved that all in just less than a month period.

    austinlanger Friend

    Hi Auswandern,

    If you don’t mind kindly share your work experience with us how you achieved this all in less then a month time.

    austinlanger Friend

    There is a very big game to get best back links for a site for that we should try to remember always no-follow and do-follow.

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 169 total)

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