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  • lucine Friend

    I know that you have already take a look at this but I have still a bug with the apostrophe (‘) :
    The apostrophe is replaced with a strange sign !

    See attachment …

    On my testing website, you can see on the front ( with the infos that I have sent) :
    “Présentation” menu
    And see “Derniers employeurs inscrits”

    Here you can see : “Nom de lentreprise”

    The apostroph is changed with this sign :


    1. Job_1263963254921
    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi there,

    I have tested with at my machine without seeing this bug. Kindly provide me with the login details via help ticket ID#(GIJ-235167) for closer look & appropriate solution

    holyroodcomms Friend


    I’ve had a similar issue with this sort of thing before – the problem is that you and the developer are using different language localisations in your apache config.

    I’m not sure if the jobs component is written in UTF8 or ISO-8859 or what, but your apache server needs to support that encoding to display the character properly.

    If you’re not managing the server yourself, you’ll need to contact your hosting company and ask them for additional encoding support in the apache configuration.

    lucine Friend

    Hi holyroodcomms,
    Thank a lot to have take time to share this problem with me.
    I have hasked help from Joomlart Staff so I am still waiting for an answer from them.
    We keep contact to solve this small but embarrassing problem.
    Best regards

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi Lucine,

    Sorry for letting u wait this long. Actually, we have resolved this bug last 28/Jan already. Kindly check again now.

    lucine Friend

    I thought that it wasn’t fixed on frontend because the bug were always here,
    but I have fixed it by editing and saving again the “employer profil”.
    Now all is good on the frontend !

    However I have still this embarrassing problem on the backend !!!
    You can see it for example in “Email Template” in my language :
    all the e-mails translated in my language have this kind of bug …

    I have not checked now if the email, when received by a customer has this strange sign again …

    Thank you anyway for your attention to solve all our problems.
    I hope that the solution founded for the frontend could be work for the backend !

    Nice afternoon

    lucine Friend

    The problem come really now from the backend because I have edit and saved the profil by the admin panel on backend and the “Apostroph Bug” is coming back on frontend !!!
    (See on Ja Tab on the homepage)
    Waiting for your answer … Thanks

    Anonymous Moderator


    We are still working on this and shall update soon.

    lucine Friend

    Hi holyroodcomms,

    For you and others developers with the same problem,
    I have cantact my host today, who say that the problem come from the code of JB.

    JA Developer has confirmed this explanation,
    and say me that the problem should be solved in JB 1.4.1

    So we just have to wait for the JB update !

    Nice day

    lucine Friend

    I have just verified if the “apostrophe bug : ” was fixed on JB 1.4.1 but it unfortunately doesn’t.

    We still have this inconvenient sign “” instead.

    This bug appear in frontend, in backend and in the emails received by employers and seekers …

    I understand now that it should be quite difficult to solve. For me it was just a question of encoding but it seems that it doesn’t. Apparently I am the only one (with holyroodcomms) to meet this kind of problem …

    I f you have any explanation of this problem, I am curious to know …


    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi lucine & holyroodcomms,

    In fact, above reported bug has been fixed and updated to the latest release version 1.4.1.

    However, it seems that the former database on your site still encounters this issue, please list out all contents facing this bug, we shall standardize your database for complete solution accordingly (I am afraid that there might be some conflict with the former resolution 🙁

    lucine Friend

    I understand,
    For me it’s just still facing on email template (in my language).
    On the front it seems that the problem is solved,
    and anyway now I know that the problem has a good solution, so for me the problem is solved,
    and my mind is quiet 🙂
    If you just can have a look on “email template” it would be perfect !!!

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank a lot !!!

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi lucine,

    The bug is now fixed. Please cross check

    lucine Friend

    Perfect 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Thanks thanks
    Nice day !!!

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