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    A. Third party extensions compatibility

    Purity III is a highly compatible Joomla template. It’s compatible with most of the popular third party extensions in the Joomla community.

    We don’t EVER touch the core of those extensions, the only we did was styling. Those styles are stored in a .less file which can be assigned to be loaded on any page you like.

    So, your favorite extension is not on the list? Initiate your request by following these steps below then submitting us a pull request on Github to reach out for us. If you have more than one favorite extension, just simply submit multiple requests. We’ll be more than happy to receive them.

    Step 1: Make your extension compatible

    #1: Install third party extension

    Install the 3rd party extension that you wish

    #2: Create a .less file
    In Purity III, each 3rd party extension has its own .less file, which is stored under templates/purity_iii/less/extras/. This .less file includes style for compatibility or customized style which will not make any effect on the 3rd party extension core.

    It’s recommended that you name the .less file the same with your 3rd party extension name with the format: com_extensionname.less

    #3: Enable the development mode

    To enable the development mode, go to your site back-end at Extensions > Template Manager, open any Purity III template style, then select General tab and turn on Development mode.

    Once you enable the development mode, your site will then load the .less files instead of the .css files.

    #4: Assign menu items to load compatible style file

    In the Add-ons tab, select menu items you want to load your newly created .less file above (the field is auto added when you add .less file to folder templates/purity_iii/less/extras/.

    #5: Add your compatible style into your .less file then test your update

    #6: Compile LESS to CSS
    The option will compile the .less file to the corresponding .css file. The compiled .css file will be located in templates/purity_iii/css/extras.

    Now you can turn off the Development mode to make you site run faster.

    For more details, please refer to the official documentation at:

    Step 2: Deliver your work

    Okay, you’re now done with development. You have to pull a request to merge your work for Purity III project on Github

    #1: Fork Purity III project

    Log into Github with your account, access the following link: then click on the Fork button.

    #2: Create a .less file in the “extra” folder

    Access the “extra” folder, create new file, paste the code you have stored in your local .less file (which you have created in Step 1 #1) onto this new created .less file.

    #3: Commit the file

    Once it’s committed, you will see this file in the “extra” folder.

    You can come back and customize the file anytime as needed by simply open the file then select the edit tool to customize.

    #4: Add pull request

    To pull a request, access the link:, then click on New Pull Request.

    #5: Merge pull request

    From here, it’s our work to take care of. We’ll be reviewing and merging your pull request(s). When your pull request is merged, your .less file will be added to the source code – extras folder. That means, other user from this onward can have the access and download it as well.

    B. Language contribution

    1. How to use translation package

    Please check the docs for how to use translation package:

    How to contribute

    Step 1: Fork purity iii project

    Log into Github with your account, access the following link: then click on the Fork button.

    Step 2: Clone the Purity III project

    Now clone the project to your local machine.

    Step 3: Create your translation folder and language files

    Go ahead and clone the translations folder: it-IT, rename it to the new language code (example: fr-FR). Inside the folder, rename the language files accordingly.

    Step 4: Add your translation to the files
    Once you’re done with the translation, it’s time to add your work to the world by create a language file on Github. Copy & paste the translation you did on your local files to this newly created file.

    Step 5: Commit your work to Github

    When your work is committed, you will see your translation folder in the translation folder.

    Step 6: Create a pull-request to Purity III Team

    To pull a request, access the link:, then click on New Pull Request.

    And you’re done! Bravo!

    Thank you for your contribution. We highly appreciate all the helps & supports you guys have made until now. If there are any difficulties regarding to the steps above, please feel free to drop us a line down below. We’re be sure to get back to you asap.

    Hung Dinh

    ibewguy Friend

    Thank you – you do amazing work!

    LocaLiceR Friend

    Hungarian translation has been committed, pull request has been created for merging the files on GitHub.

    Hung Dinh Friend

    Thanks @localicer and @ibewguy. Looking forward for more contribution on translation 😀

    You guys rock!

    Jorge Gama Friend

    New Portuguese (Portugal) translation pull request sent.

    laconic Friend

    Russian translation ready. Pull request created. Seems like purity_iii on github is outdated. What a pity! Have some improvemets to suggest. Would be easier to suggest small changes through github rather than to create tickets.
    Going to translate t3 framework as well.
    Good luck.

    baan9com Friend

    Thank you ^-^

    dea-tech Friend

    I wanted to use purity iii but did not want to even see any code! I guess that is not possible.

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