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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    Dear Members,

    Its a pleasure to announce two new Team Members, with whom you must have had interaction during the Discount period or would soon be having one.

    Tom is our new Marketing Head and Robert is our Community Manager, lets go through their short Bio :

    Tom Tran
    Head, Marketing

    Tom is enthusiastic about Social Media & Communication, Entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing. With background in Applied Math Studies in Germany, he gained business experience working interdisciplinary as investment consultant, webmaster and export manager prior to joining JoomlArt.com.

    He is actively speaking German, English, French and Viet which helps a lot to make friends with all kinds of cultures. Tom traveled some 30 countries worldwide and is still not bored yet. If he is not online Tom devotes his time enjoying philosophy, good food, soccer and tennis.

    It’s not a bad thing to be friends with Tom.

    Robert Vining
    JoomlArt Community Manager

    Robert Vining has been building websites since 2001 when he ventured online to create a website for his own business. The business was sold in 2006, and Robert turned to web design full time using Joomla since he has a passion for design. He’s had a successful career as a site builder and has grown into an avid supporter of Joomla!

    Robert spends alot of time volunteering in and around the Joomla Community, including the Sobi2 Support Forum, All Together as a Whole, an Independent Joomla Developer and Website Builders Network, and the Joomla Community Magazine as a Website Case Studies Editor. He also hosts a weekly podcast called JoomStew Radio, that features news and information for Joomla developers and sitebuilders from extensions to marketing and everything in between.

    When he’s not doing something web or social media related, Robert likes to spend time with his wife and three children. By the slightest chance that he gets some free time, he enjoys sim racing online with his friends at Racin Grafix, a 6000 member community he created in 2004 and is still running today.


    I am sure Robert and Tom would help the JA Community to grow bigger.


    Hung Dinh

    1. tom
    2. rv_track
    robert vining JATC

    Thanks for the warm welcome Hung.

    I hope to get to know many of our members here in the JoomlArt Community.

    I’m really excited about what we have in store here at JA. In just the past month the JA team has come up with some great ideas on how to better serve the JoomlArt Members, and bring some cool contests, prizes, support and fun to the JoomlArt Community Forum.

    We’ll be opening up some new discussions to get feedback from members here, as well as a few surprises we’ll be announcing on the blog and in the forum in the coming weeks.

    Looking forward to 2011 as part of the JoomlArt team!

    Robert Vining

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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