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  • veganbill Friend

    I’d like to thank Joomlart for the attention they give to producing classy websites. Using Ja Fagus I made a website for my lawyer friend and he loved it. Here it is:
    I love the customer service you have offered me and I hope to see this company continue to evolve by employing more ‘creativity’ to widen the template possibilities not only technologically but artistically, breaking the limits….

    See yous around!

    cowboysdude Friend

    This is simply THE BEST template I have EVER found… I use it for my site and am in process of preparing it for our company as well!!!

    I LOVE THIS TEMPLATE… I want to Thank you ALL for working so hard and making something this awesome and FREE too… just WOW!!!!! 😀

    sadhikar Friend

    simple, nice but elegant template. Loved it!

    ahawoodworks Friend

    Great Looking Site!

    nileshsoni Friend

    No one can providing this type of help… excellent job…

    Thanks to ja team

    jacinta22 Friend

    I am glad I have found this site 🙂 There looks to be tons of great templates and information. I look forward to going through it all and learning more!

    Jacinta 🙂

    sarawright123 Friend

    I would love to comment on your Template but its not opening for me. Please look into the matter and also please do suggest a Photography Website Template for my friends new project. Thanks

    mimisoffice Friend

    Fagus is AMAZING!
    Thanks guys! :p

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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