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  • neurdenburg Friend

    Dear Joomla Staff,

    I think I speak for a lot of users when I say it would be good to get a roadmap for updates to Joomlart 1.5 templates. There are still a lot of 1.5 templates not updated. Joomla 1.5 has now reached end of life and no more security updates will be provided from april 2012. This means Joomla users will have to upgrade their systems to stay safe.

    Most of us won’t be keen on switching to other 2.5 compatible templates and would much prefer updates. I have seen a few developers making vague comments about possible updates but no one seems very sure what exactly is going to happen.

    Guys, we need more solid information. Which templates will be updated and when might the development team get around to this task. I know you guys are busy but us users need to know where we stand. Any (solid) information much appreciated!


    Hung Dinh Friend

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you very much for your great question. I think most of your concern can be found at our blog post


    We have had now all 33 templates updated to Joomla 2.5 (all of our JAT3 v2 templates), and we are queuing up a new list of JAT3 v1 templates for the 2.5 update.

    To our estimation of development, we can start working on this new list somewhere in June.

    Before opening an official voting for most wanted templates, it would be good to know which 1.5 templates are most favored, what are yours Mark?

    Anyone else who desperately need to get your 1.5 template updated to 2.5?

    Hung Dinh Friend

    A few useful links for your upgrade decision.

    Infographic: Joomla CMS Development Strategy (EN)

    Joomla! Versions and Updates Explained

    Should You Upgrade to Joomla 2.5? (infographic)

    neurdenburg Friend

    Hi Hung Dinh,
    The ones I really need yesterday are Ja Nickle and Ja Sulfur. Others that I would prioritize if it were up to me are : Ja Kyanite, Ja Beryl and Ja Zinc (in that order).
    If you start working on a short list in june, what kind of period are we talking about until completion? I’m not asking for a date but just an approximate time frame.


    efernandez Developer

    I’m working in a project about a furniture shop. I just need Kyanite I and Kyanite II (bonus).
    When could be they update?
    Thank you.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi efernandez,

    Currently, we are working full capacity to upgrade several componentsto J2.5
    After this upgrades are done, we’ll be focusing on upgrading some of the old templates to J2.5.

    Which templates and when they are supposed to be done? That would be something I cannot be certain of.

    Keep posted with us on our Blog/Facebook/Twitter.
    Meanwhile, take care and see you around mate.

    riomega Friend

    it would be great if You could update JA_Sulftur.
    This is one of the prettiest joomla templates i’ve seen.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Thanks, we’ll definitely keep it in mind riomega!


    koolac Friend

    I think these updates become more important as 1.5 support has been ended. There are clients whose websites were developed and customised (branded) using old JA template and they are not keen to use or change the template. Hence, the poll on member requested updates on old templates will be much appreciated. JA Nickel is one that I am desperately in need for.

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi koolac,

    Yup, it’s important to get you guys informed on the next road map, and we are working on that. Will get you guys in the know-zone soon enough.


    riomega Friend

    I think JA definetly should look after those templastes:
    JA_Kyanite I & II

    and it would be great to see new versions, updated and with new functionalities of prretty (in my opinion) templates You guys delivered in earlier years. JA_Koniga, JA_Uvite, JA_Pyrite were really nice templates and i think they still could get some attention from members who don’t look after templates to build big sites.

    And by the way – i have to admit that templates You’ve released in 2012 are a step in right direction. They’re more different from one another than templates released in 2010/11

    bubbletech Friend

    i need a roadmap template….

    celavey Friend

    If this can be added. That would be useful. +1 to that.

    neurdenburg Friend

    Hey guys,
    After six months I’m still in the dark here concerning certain 1.5 templates and wether or not they are going to be updated to Jooml 2.5? And Joomla 3.0 has already been released! I’m personally looking for an update for ja-zinc, ja-nickel and ja-sulfur. And I’m sure there are people interested in updates for a whole bunch of others. Please if you guys are not going to come out with these, tell us and we can bite the bullet and consider installing new ones. Hanging around in limbo is not cool. Also it would be nice to know in advance which templates are going to be updated to Joomla 3.0. I don’t want to get stuck again in the future.

    Anonymous Moderator


    I am sorry that we stop upgrading j1.5 templates to j2.5. We just did some hot templates j1.5 to 2.5 although we want to upgrade all ones to above version but we do not have enough time to get this work done.

    Now, we are focusing to release our first T3 3.0 based template next month. The first Joomla 3.0 club template will be come out in first week of November.

    Really appreciate your patience! pls give us some time then we will have a plan for other templates after releasing our November template.

    We shall announce on the blog, once we can have a clearer plan for the release.


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