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    Good Afternoon (KY – USA)

    Looking for some feed back on JoomArts (JA) before I formally signup. If anyone especially users of Joomla could provide some perspective, it would be greatly appreciated.

    __ I do not see a lot of 1.6 & 1.7 templates. Do they keep up to date with development and releases

    __ Will extensions & modules outside of JA work without issue in the T3 framework and without a lot of tweaking: for example ones that may be built on JQuery

    __ Do you feel boxed in by using a proprietary framework and do you feel they will continue to grow and develop the framework

    __ Can you modify the widths of right and left columns in their management panel. For example could I make a right column 300 pixels wide and have the article section 700 pixels wide have a template width of 1,000 pixels

    __ Are their any issues in using their article editor and pasting in <scripts> and having them hold. Can other article editors be used

    Thank you in advance


    Joe Johnson

    Phill Moderator

    Hi Joe and welcome aboard the forums.

    You certainly have a lot of questions there.

    J1.6 temmplates are all being updated to run on J1.7. Currently JA have more J1.7 templates than any other templates club. Unfortunately it is a lot of work to update the entire back catalogue so it will take time. JA are working on releasing more and more templates for J1.7 and will continue into J1.8 in the future. It will come but it will take time. However there still is plenty of choice with the J1.6 templates rapidly being updates.

    As for the extensions and modules on the whole they will work outside. Some may require styling if used in a different template but the same could be said about any module or extension.

    As for using the framework that really is a great thing and will continue to develop as time goes on. All the big template clubs have their own frameworks and some have used JAs T3 framework as it is open source. With the new Joomla release schedule for instance it has allowed JA to updated their J1.6 templates to J1.7 very quickly indeed as most of the asthetics are contained in the Template but the workings are in the Plugin. As such updating the plugin once has allowed all the T3 templates to run. There are some overrides that needed tweaking and testing but it really did save a huge amount of work

    Modifying widths of colums is extremely simple with T3 and can all be done from the template manager. In fact you can do a huge amount with the template manager regarding customizing the look but you will in some cases need to adjust css and for that we are here to help.

    As for the editor you will be able to use all the usual Joomla editors. Scripts can be entered but with the usual limits placed upon it ny Joomla

    inpe Friend

    Thanks for the quick feedback. I do not see a suitable template for my needs in the 2011 & 2010 template offering. What are your thoughts on the JA Purity II for creating and design work ?

    Again Thank you for your time. Trying to nail down a good Joomla starting point and am moving from HTML and wordpress

    Sincerely, Joe Johnson

    Phill Moderator

    You can use the JAT3 Blank framework as a starting point. If you are good at design it really is quite simple. Personally I would find a template that is close to the design I want them adjust it to my needs.

    Take a look at the Wiki in the menu links above. You will find plenty of information on the framework and links to some videos that may help.

    Good luck and if you build something then be sure to come back and showcase it here.

    inpe Friend

    Joe Johnson

    paljoomla Friend

    Thanks a lot, Phill and also inpe, I am also coming from html to joomla and searching for a right start.

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