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    Hi Guys,

    Based on the interesting discussion going on in the JA Hawkstore preview thread and another request for Magento themes concept for Joomla! club templates, I think its best to have a poll to see the kind of templates members would prefer in the coming months.

    Please note :

    1. All templates would be based on T3v3 framework.
    2. They all would be responsive / bootstrapped and available for Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 versions
    3. Almost all of them would be having k2 component styles by default.

    The voting is open for the next 15 days. Multiple choice are allowed.



    rasitozdemir Friend

    Teline news template series, more will come?

    reivaj01 Friend


    and virtuemart?


    zomidaily Friend

    Please consider to create news template, there is no news template build with T3V3 at all.

    swissa Friend

    I’m sure most people will have a different view on templates. What they need, what their customers want, their preference for a shopping site and which cart etc.

    I don’t mind what the theme is to be honest. What I’d like to get away from however is the same old, same old look to them. I’d also appreciate JA delivering a template that isn’t in beta on first release.

    Not ready? Not Responsive? No little extras that JA used to do? Don’t release it then.

    Wait until you have a killer again and only then let your loyal followers loose on it. But only when it is perfect please.

    Tiris hit it, Lens hit it, even Orisite hit it. The rest since then, excepting Wall – a payable option, hasn’t really inspired.

    Come on, push the boat out and give us a stunner. 😉

    imporciclo Friend


    bbon1379 Friend

    also portfolio template?

    sublimemag Friend

    Agree with exoduser. News template please, along the lines of Teline, or even Menthys, with the ability to display news items in lists. K2 and responsive please.

    jscarfe Friend

    How about one that supports Mijoshop!

    charles99 Friend

    Mijoshop is a good program but its not free! Its based on Open Cart and beleieve it or not Virtuemart is a better component when it comes to add options. And none of Open Cart extensions work with Mijoshop! Well let me take that back its like flipping a coin you never know which extension will work because of the iframe or bridge they use to get opencart to work with joomla! But I can tell you its going to be tough getting a joomla template to work with mijoshop bridge and open cart at the same time! You will have 3 different levels…The Bridge, opencart and Joomla.

    But I would like to the next template you release to simply work! And be released on time!!!!!!!!!!! Lets try that and then ask your paying users for feedback on the designs… And please stop giving your joomla users Magento left-overs or water down versions of a eCommerce template!

    jscarfe Friend

    Actually I’ve built two sites with Mijoshop and will never go Virtuemart again. The fee is small for the 6-month membership as compared to the amount of time it takes hacking away with Virtuemart. Any OpenCart extensions that use VQmod work perfectly (which is now the majority of them). Other developers I’ve talked with that have switched to Opencart have agreed that it’s much easier for the client to maintain as well.

    maxlynam Friend

    Just concentrate on Joomla – not the shopping components or K2 … it’s a Joomla template club after all … let the 3rd party component developers worry about templates for their components 🙂 … or if you are going to do 3rd party stuff, do ALL of them.
    Really, doing the work for third party component devs should not be your job (or someone can support those components individually.

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    @rasitozdemir My mistake, I should have added the News template (Teline V) to the poll. Updated it now. We had been releasing Teline series (one a year) but missed last year. Most of the Teline’s were released in November / December period. We did had plan for Teline V last year but due to so much of development work.. we had to put it on hold as Teline series take atleast 3-5 times more work and resources. I am sure we are gonna have Teline V this year.

    @jscarfe Added the mijoshop option to the poll. It has popular tag in the JED.

    @reivaj01 we just released one Virtuemart template, so it would be time before we think of another VM template. VM also needs to speed up their dev work and have version for 3.0… it makes things easier for us.

    @swissa We release beta first for the past 3-4 months because we need to roll out monthly templates within the first week of the month, otherwise the members keep asking about the status. We do not intend to make it a habit, we are trying to get back to our original schedule of releasing stable versions in the first week. We need to cover up 7 days of working time to be back on schedule. Hope we can do that in the coming 1-2 months.

    tfosnom Friend

    Let’s try for a completely different look and feel, category for a theme, instead of re hashed previous bits and parts of other templates & Magento clones thrown together just to make a release on time. I can’t vote in the poll cause there is nothing there that hasn’t been done before. It’s time for something new specifically, not new take on a old category, like a news theme, sports theme, music/DJ etc they have all been done and done and done

    Could we see a Church template like this one from themeforest done in Warp6 or a Charity Organisation template please? and forget the members that bleat for a release at the start of the month. Man up 🙂 & refuse to release a template before the 15th of each month, that way there are NO excuses for bug ridden Betas, ppl can’t ask when is it going to be released if you say NOT before the 15th (in any way, shape, or form)

    Shape 5 releases templates only on 15th of the month, they refuse to bow to pressure from members and to my knowledge have NEVER released a beta. JA may benefit from following suite.

    Blessings Shannon

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    <em>@maxlynam 371804 wrote:</em><blockquote>Just concentrate on Joomla – not the shopping components or K2 … it’s a Joomla template club after all … let the 3rd party component developers worry about templates for their components 🙂 … or if you are going to do 3rd party stuff, do ALL of them.
    Really, doing the work for third party component devs should not be your job (or someone can support those components individually.</blockquote>

    Joomla! com_content was not that flexible 2 years back and thats why we started with K2 component styles, Its stable, easy, feature rich and our developers love it. I agree not everyone uses K2 but for now, we would like to continue with k2 styles.

    I also started as a site builder, where I was looking for all in one solutions, so that I do not have to worry about layouts and design part, thats where the 3rd party support in templates plays its role. If i want to have a community site done with minimum effort, than JA Social would work for me… I would be up and running the site in no time. Same applies to shopping cart based templates.

    How would we be able to showcase a shopping cart template if we do not include a shopping cart extension? If we use dummy place holders, users wont be amused.

    We wanted to have more of JomSocial supported templates but that extension breaks our override styles with almost each version release. JomSocial guys should not change their html markup so regularly. K2 component versions have never broken our templates layout (hardly once a year, if they have new feature).

    For the past few templates we have started adding bonus pages to provide styles for Joomla! com_content.

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