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  • flumpy Friend

    Hi I am building http://st1ngtest.neltek.biz

    I have installed JA Purity II
    I have installed the megamenu plugin and enabled it

    But whatever I do I can’t get the slogan line to appear – have a missed a vital setting to make it work?
    -> your demos just set set it up – select Mega Menu in template settings and fill in
    “Home[ ] slogan text” in the menu item title
    but no luck

    also what are the details for the parameters in the template setup for menus
    I couldn’t see any info on this in the demos on the forum?

    Start Level (currently set to “0”)
    End Level (currently set to “-1”)
    Customise Menu for Page (currently set to “54=css” ???)



    p.s. has the way the mega menu functions been changed since you wrote the tutorials and did the videos on the forum and on youtube?

    micrantha Friend

    Do you perhaps mean the second line of the menu-items in mega-menu?
    For this text you have to open the main menu in backend, and open an item.
    When you have mega menu plugin active you will find an extra parameter group called Parameters (JA Extended).
    Maybe this is what you are looking for.
    In the field Add Description you can write the text for the second line.

    Good luck,

    flumpy Friend

    yes that is there and works
    but the videos and tutorial on the forum says enter it in the title field

    “Home[ ] Slogan text for 2nd line”

    So I presume the way the menu works has changed from when the screenshot tutorial and the video were made?

    micrantha Friend

    Indeed some time ago mega menu is updated; did you read this post.


    flumpy Friend

    ah I see that

    I think I was presuming this post CLICK HERE was the full one and also watching the youtube videos it says to look at

    Will have a better look at the post you suggested above


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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