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  • tfosnom Friend

    Hi All
    Working on some stuff relating to a travel site and would like to add a small coloured box to the mega menu titles.

    The box is small about a 4×4 px, just a colour coded thing to correspond to the legend of a map showing the district/provinces that is displayed and is available in a popup at large size. As in the northern province area on the map is green, Next to ‘Travel North’ in the menu I want a green box to indicate where those areas are on the map.

    The object is to give clients a look at what district represents what on the map to help with travel, planning, logistics etc.
    Is there a way to do this without huge customisation?

    Here’s a screenshot of the submenus to allow visualisiation of my need, remembering I wish to place a 4×4 px coloured box NEXT to menu title.

    Blessings Shane

    swissa Friend

    Hi Shane

    Looking at a, yes you guessed it, Tiris…… 😉

    Is that the sort of thing you want to do?

    In the menü item you add an image and do the rest with the css I would think. If you want the css from my Tiris I’m happy to paste it up!



    1. Screen-Shot-2012-04-14-at-19.23.19
    2. Screen-Shot-2012-04-14-at-19.26.40
    tfosnom Friend

    Hi Gruss
    Should’ve guessed Tiris had it all. Thanks for the heads up, I looked at Tiris menu setup and applied that to the travel template, then I just modified the colours of the blocks to the legend on the map , Viola!

    Mind you I had to install tiris on my host to do it as tirid refuses to load sample data on localhost (wamp) even allowing 12 hours for data to expand and install! All other JA 2.5 templates install data fine, go figure.
    Here’s a sample of the finished menu,
    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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