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    I use both OSX and Vista on my MacBook and find that I use Vista about 80% of the time. One big component for me is this ability to connect to this machine when I am at the office or traveling for work. OSX doesn’t have a Remote Desktop Connection app, so that keeps me on Vista a lot. I use MS Visual Studio for writing code (.net) – again – no OSX equivalent. Other than that, there is virtually nothing that can be done on one that can’t be done on the other. I run CS3 on both and both perform excellent. I really don’t have a preference for one over the other.

    funnygames Friend

    I use PC for work and my MacBook for fun and entertainment.
    Multitouch on MacBooks is unbeatable.
    I can’t wait for my iPad to arrive 🙂

    glassman96 Friend

    I’ve been using a PC way back when you had to boot them up with a floppy. I know Mac has come a long way and they do have features that are better than a PC, but one day I would like to get a Mac and have the best of both worlds.

    franka2009 Friend

    Mac´s are amazingly stable compared to Windows in my opinion. Really they should be the prefered work station platform as you don´t have to worry about the apps or the machine you are using – just get the work done. A Mac is just a great tool for doing your work, a PC becomes part of the work.

    yfcteam Friend

    Right it is an old debate.
    For many years I used PC and heard Mac users telling it was much better. I thought it was because Mac is a bit more expensive, so they could not say “Mac is not so good” lol.
    When my last PC died, i bought a PowerMac G5 and i must say that my life changed. In 2 years it never froze or stopped alone…
    For people who have many softwares running only under Windows, no problem as Windows can be installed on a Mac ; you just have to choose your system when you start.
    So : God save Mac ! 😉

    stryder Friend

    I am not very comp savy. In fact it took along time to learn what I know. I once crashed a friends mac by doing what I know from a PC point of view. It would take more time to change my knowledge base than I can spare.

    sipsipwip Friend

    Yep, agree with the overall opinions that not much has really changed in the sense that, if you want something that is pretty and easy to use get a mac, and if you want something that costs less and has more software and more compatibility get a pc. I think just about everyone who has tried both and has computer experience or expertise will always chose a PC for themelves, so what does that tell you?

    nihues Friend

    I prefer a PC, but with Linux. It is much more cheap and I can do wherever I want with Linux.

    hik3r Friend

    I use both. I do most of my work on a PC – but that’s largely due to software availability. I use bootcamp on my mac, but it’s not perfect.

    That being said, pretty soon I plan to transition everything over to a new Mac Book Pro. I just wish they’d bring the price down! 😎

    jkovats Friend

    I have wanted to venture to the Mac side…What is the learning curve from a life long PC user to a new Mac user…I heard a week…any thoughts to this?

    mattlinks Friend

    <em>@jkovats 167331 wrote:</em><blockquote>I have wanted to venture to the Mac side…What is the learning curve from a life long PC user to a new Mac user…I heard a week…any thoughts to this?</blockquote>

    I think about a week would be right to become really comfortable with the system. If you’re used to windows, the Mac OS is a little different and does take some getting used to.

    Personally, I prefer PCs. Don’t have anything against Macs at all (other than compatibility), I just prefer PCs.


    bluepig Friend

    Mac has really great features and indeed very fit to growing technology but I think PC is more user-friendly to me and whether we deny it or not, MAC was just based on a typical computer so its still the same but PC is better for me.:cool:

    sunrise Friend

    How long is the leaning curve? I use a PC daily, but have worked on Macs too. I think the learning curve depends on the person, and how much you want to learn.

    valdivz Friend

    Wow…I’m pretty shocked at the results so far. More people prefer PC’s…. is it because people feel that Mac’s are completely different?:confused:

    cyberjay Friend

    I always love PC…maybe because i’m too “attached” to it and don’t mind using the same old technology even though there will be new techs in future after Mac. So i voted for PC and i think i’ll stick with it for a long time..

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