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    Hi Everyone,

    There are several things I love about JoomlArt, but to name just a couple:

    The templates- they rock! They are stylish and offer not only the features I need, but features I want.

    The forum is awesome for getting help; I have learned more within the JoomlArt forums, than any other template club I have belonged to. In fact, JoomlArt is now the only template club I belong to.

    I use the Nex template, which I love. As a newbie, it has taken me a bit longer to learn how to do things, but I’m learning every day. And to all the people in the forum- thank your help and patience.

    But, there are some things that drive me crazy about putting a website together.

    Some days working with components, is like walking into a room where one person speaks Japanese & English; another person Russian & French; while the third person converses in Spanish with limited English, and the last person, speaks English & French. How do you make everyone communicate? It can be difficult.

    I started using Stack Ideas’ Easy Blog and Easy Discuss extensions. I have to say they totally rock too!

    Easy Blog has this fabulous plugin called Duplicate To Joomla Articles. Stack Ideas’ description of the plugin is:

    ‘Automatically duplicate your blog posts into Joomla articles when you publish a new blog post through EasyBlog. This is useful if you want to use EasyBlog as your writing dashboard, but instead want to use Joomla’s built-in Article (com_content) as your main output format.’

    The blog entry takes on the features and appearances of your JoomlArt template’s articles and modules. You know, the modules that give extra pizzazz to your site like: JA Bulletin, JA Content Slider, JA News Featured, JA Side News and JA Bulletin, etc.

    My question to Stack Ideas was:

    <blockquote>‘I’m working with the Duplicate Joomla Article Plugin and know that I can specify one joomla category for all the blog entries to duplicate into; But I would like to know if I can somehow map it category to category?

    For Example:

    EB Blog Category 1 to Joomla Category 1
    EB Blog Category 2 to Joomla Category 2

    I really like the way it allows one to make use of template layout and module styling. I use a magazine-style template, and I wish I could figure out a way to show individual team blogs and my blog as separate entities on the front page. That way I could tie my blogs into JomSocial area, eliminating

    a) The Blog menu items leading to less menu clutter;
    b) Plus not having duplicate content on the site, where the search engines might ding me;
    c) Keeping the aesthetic look of the website intact and make good use of my great template modules.

    I love how ED, EB, Joomla and JoomlArt all merge together, making it simple without cluttering up my website with a ton of extra stuff, etc.’</blockquote>

    I want JoomlArt to collaborate with Stack Ideas to support this plugin. It would be a huge benefit to JoomlArt in general, and its members who use Easy Blog.

    If you use Easy Blog, please share your thoughts on this request.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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