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  • editorialetrasporti Friend


    I have installed as localhost Ja_Rasite template for joomla 2.5 using the complete package downloaded from the site.

    After the installation the front end is empty.

    I don’t understand why!!!

    Ja_Rasite for joomla 1.5 works well

    pavit Moderator


    Have you installed the sample data ?

    editorialetrasporti Friend

    Yes, the only strange thing during the installation is “Magic Quotes GPC = On insted Off”

    pavit Moderator

    Try to download again and reinstall it checking your configuration before maybe change settings for the db using a new db

    <blockquote>”Magic Quotes GPC = On insted Off” </blockquote>

    You need to check in your php.ini and change the value

    ; magic_quotes_gpc
    ; Default Value: On
    ; Development Value: Off
    ; Production Value: Off

    i have installed it on my localhost many times and always without any error .


    editorialetrasporti Friend

    Solved, with the php 5.3.2 version it doesn’t work, with php 5.2.13 works well.

    norchris Developer

    My ISP adviced me to create and put a .user.ini file in my root folder, with the content Magic Quotes GPC = Off

    It worked for me on php 5.3.1


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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