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    For index page in Ja Kranos,it have the slideshow and the other page is masshead. The images for masshead is different for every pages..for now, i just know how to assign the images by manually change the coding at masshead module from this:

    [Masshead Itemid=”446″ title=”Sample Category 1″ background=”images/stories/masshead/mh-1.jpg”][/Masshead]

    to this:
    [Masshead Itemid=”3″ title=”About Us” background=”images/stories/masshead/slide_4.jpg”][/Masshead]

    I’ve changed the Itemid, title and the images to assign for that page manually. It’s work but I think there is another way to do it. Can someone tell me how?


    Manos Moderator


    Please reply using your registered address since JA Kranos is a commercial product and i can’t verify your subscription with this user name.


    sincerity Friend

    I am also facing the same problem. Is there a way to assign a background image for main and sub/child menus without specifying it manually in masshead module. How is it possible to assign background image when there is a lot of articles and also when our clients are uploading and maintaining the site.
    Atleast, I want to assign a default background image for all other pages which are not specified in masshead module.
    I couldn’t find a simple way, eventhough I am sure you may have a way around. Please help me out

    Manos Moderator

    You can probably achieve a similar effect with custom html but it would be more difficult than using JA Masshead module, unless you are trying to do something else that i don’t get.
    Please clarify.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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