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  • kevin bates Friend

    I need to integrate some Real Estate / MLS search tools (IDX) that use the Prototype framework with my JA Rasite template. There is a conflict, of course, with Mootools and my MegaMenus quit working when I am on pages with the search tools :((

    According to MooTools (, I can resolve this conflict by implementing their Dollar Safe Mode.

    I do not know javascript but I am hoping I can hack this solution. I am asking for some hand holding here. Here are my questions.
    MooTools says:
    <blockquote>directly use or assign your own var to it, or mannually assign $ to</blockquote>
    What file would I apply this to? mega.class.php?
    Here is a snippet from mega.class.php. How would I assign $ to in this case?

    function genClass ($mitem, $level, $pos) {

    $iParams = new JParameter ( $mitem->params );

    $active = in_array($mitem->id, $this->open);

    $cls = "mega".($active?" active":"").($pos?" $pos":"");

    if (@$this->children[$mitem->id] || (isset($mitem->content) && $mitem->content)) {

    if ($mitem->megaparams->get('group')) $cls .= " group";

    else if ($level < $this->getParam('endlevel')) $cls .= " haschild";


    if ($mitem->megaparams->get('class')) $cls .= " ".$mitem->megaparams->get('class');

    return $cls?"class="$cls"":"";


    Like I said, I need some hand holding. Maybe you have a different suggestion. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Saguaros Moderator

    first, this is the javascript conflict, not php conflict. Therefore, you need manage to change in js file, not php file. The $ in php is php syntax, not js syntax.

    Secondly, this is heavily conflict. Mootools is embedded in core Joomla. Therefore, all js used for Joomla must compatible with mootools. If you install an extensions, the extension must work with Joomla (mean not conflict with Joomla). In this case, I suggest that you should contact the extension owner to get help in resolving conflict with mootools.

    iditom Friend

    Dear thienhc,

    conflicts and problems with mootools are already in the quick start package of Joomlart. I downloaded the quickstart of portfolio real estate and after two days between conflicts and ghost modules (but displayed in your demo), now I want only cry.
    If i try to use the front-end editor for changing an item, the tabs after content tab don’t work, cause a problem in tabs.js (description is undefined). If I activate the mootools upgrade plugin, this resolves the problem with tabs but generate other error like:
    Error: MooTools.upgradeLog is not a function
    File sorgente: http://xxx/index.php?jat3action=gzip&type=js&file=t3-assets%2Fjs0bcac.js&v=1&option=com_k2&Itemid=60
    Riga: 3

    Error: tinymce.util is undefined
    File sorgente: http://XXX/plugins/editors/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js
    Riga: 1

    So we don’t need a lesson about the difference between php and javascript, but we hope a solution for this bugs-full template we bought.

    Thank You very much


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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