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  • TomC Developer

    I have been a JA member for several years now, and – while not EVERY issue or problem that we experience as we work with Joomla and JA templates can always be fixed and/or addressed as quickly as we frequently want – I just have to say that, on the whole, both the JA Team and Member Community support is FANTASTIC (in my opinion).

    There are many here who are eager to help others – be it with a fix, suggestion, reference, etc.

    With a little patience and mutual respect/consideration, one usually is able to find the solutions (or leads to solutions) one needs here.


    questbg Friend

    Totally agree Tom. I have ‘thanked’ and I have been ‘thanked’ numerous times.

    As you say, things don’t always work out of the box depending on what you’re trying to do with them (this is most things in life, not just a template).

    However, I had an issue lately (that I couldn’t for the life of me fix myself), with a site about to go live … JA support answered my ticket, also by private e-mail and fixed the problem prior to site launch.

    I’m actually happy that, when I first started building sites in Joomla, I chose JoomlArt as my template club. I’m not a member of any other, nor will I ever be.

    TomC Developer

    I think two of the key issues are PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

    WE ALL get frustrated when we experience difficulty with a particular issue that we can’t seem to fix. Heck, I fall into that category quite frequently. However, I simply do not see the value and/or benefit of lashing out at the JA Team because any particular issue isn’t addressed as expeditiously as we might like (i.e. yesterday 😉 ) and/or unable to be corrected as we might hope.

    Point at issue – I’ve been dealing with a particular cufon/CSS issue in a particular template for several weeks now – it’s driving me nuts . . . but I’m not about to start ranting and raving at the JA Team if they aren’t able to assist. I’m sure it’s some kind of innate code issue – and, sooner or later, the issue will be resolved. In the meantime, the best I can do for myself is continue to try to seek assistance and LEARN as I go along . . . hopefully, one day soon, arriving at the solution I seek.

    Again – PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE pay off far greater dividends than does ranting, raving and mudslinging.


    Don Lee Friend

    Thanks guys for the kind words..:-* ….I’m begining a new nice day to finish a nice working week…. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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