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  • da109 Friend

    Hello Everyone,

    I have read numerous times that getting listed in Dmoz markedly boosts your rankings. I’ve also read that it doesnt boost that much, moderators are corrupt, etc. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on the topic?


    leon_di Friend

    From what I know, it does boost your rankings, however the whole thing doesn’t seem to be running as smoothly as it used to. No longer sure of the value of it now, but it can’t hurt your rankings so you might as well give it a go and see if you can get in.

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Well, being in Dmoz does help boost a site and also add respect to the brand. I tried for 3 years for listing my own site and then gave up.

    I would like to know of someone, who got listed on the Dmoz directory and any special requirements for getting listed.


    vitnuce Friend

    Here is some tips for DMOZ submission:

    – Take the time to find the right category
    – Submit your site ONCE only
    – Capitalize every first letter of every word
    – The title of your website is your URL
    – Keep your description short without any form of advertising

    Hope this help! 🙂

    eldo Friend

    I never tried DMOZ, but DMOZ is a crucial factor if you want to sell domains.

    xumbrella Friend

    i tried to submit to dmoz, aroung 18 months ago and nothing! they advise that you don’t resubmit urls… so what do you do, just sit and wait??

    franklin00 Friend

    One of my sites got in about 7 years ago. Its really hard to say what the benefit has been, but obviously it hasnt hurt.
    As far as getting my site in, I just followed the directions very carefully and did not resubmit. About 6 months or so after submitting, I saw a visitor in my site log from DMOZ… There was no notification, etc.

    I would not stress very much about it, one way or the other.

    theniks Friend

    I managed to list many of my websites successfully on Dmoz and here are my experiences.
    1. It will take a longggggggggg time. Follow the guidelines to make sure that time is not extended.
    2. It does help in gaining ranks for sure.
    3. There is no point in losing your sleep over it, if it doesnt list your site.
    4. Keep building relevant links any way.
    hope that helps

    nefar Friend

    I’ve never had any problem getting my sites in DMOZ. Just follow the directions they give you for submission and then wait. They do tend to take a long time to get in so if you’re going to resubmit I’d give them at least a month to process first. You also have to take into consideration that these are human reviewers. If they don’t like your sites subject matter for any reason they can simply deny you. Traffic wise, it’s rare I’ve ever got a hit from dmoz on any of my sites.

    felix99 Friend

    Yes, it does boost your site rank. But the problem is to get listed on DMOZ, since it’s a human moderated directory you should get in line to get listed. The time needed to get listed is vary from weeks to years :). So unless you have good plan of growing your site for a long term, I suggest you get other directory to get backlinks.

    giottoserv Friend

    Yes, Franklin, you’re right.

    audit01 Friend

    The problem that seems to be with DMOZ directory submission is that your site will most likely not get included. Too many corrupt moderators are running that place and they include their own sites while denying submissions for their competitors.

    danielcu Friend

    Even I’ve tried using Dmoz earlier it is tooooooo late for the websites

    ivy51205 Friend

    The submit to dmoz not too important. If you do want to submit to dmoz, please note what you said and in addition to interest title and description

    ivory355 Friend

    I am having hard time as well adding our site to the DMOZ listing. It is been a year now.

    Anyhow thanks guys for the advice I will try soon for my another website.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)

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