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    I have been a member at JA for 2.5 years, and must say that “some” of the designs are stunning, while to me, others are not so great. JoomlArt’s Extension Manager has had quite a few problems in recent months, and I’m only using ONE JoomlArt Template––JA Teline IV.

    What aggravates me is that the new design, JA Wall, is being offered ONLY to Developer Members, which is pretty much contrary to the terms of the membership promised, when I joined. I received numerous emails about JA Wall, which excited us, but to my disappointment, I discovered that it’s only available to “Developer Members.” There are quite a few other template clubs in the joomlasphere reneging on their promise to their members too, and it’s quite distasteful. A developer membership here is far too expensive, considering the fact that there’s typically only one template released each month, and updates and new extensions arrive “very slowly.” Now, people are expected to pay even “more” for JA Wall, which I consider to be a breach of trust as well as the terms of membership. All of us members are “investors,” at JA, so to speak. This situation is not good for customer relations, at all. Oh well, live and learn.

    https://www.facebook.com/nationalcoalition (My son’s page).

    and twitter @NationalChange

    Hung Dinh Friend

    Mr Walter Howard,

    Thank you very much for sharing our JA Wall to your facebook as well as spending time giving us valuable feedback about this product.

    <blockquote>What aggravates me is that the new design, JA Wall, is being offered ONLY to Developer Members</blockquote>

    JA Wall, at this phase of our Development Roadmap is available freely to our beta tester & Developer Member. JA Wall is a product which is introduced to our users with a heavy adoption of “Customer Development” process. This product line is separated from our regular monthly template release promised in our membership terms.

    There is an open and constructive discussion about JA Wall at this thread. I look forward to receiving your comment as well.

    coalition Friend


    I think the announcements, in every respect, were premature. I got the mail announcements, which in my opinion, should have been sent to your developer members only. I think ja wall may be a hit, but not right away. your dev members will need to do some debugging, or beta testing i’m sure.

    I pre-ordered the template today, and then discovered it wont be released until the 17th. I really need to use another template on our coalition site, because teline iv is not cutting it.

    Our board of directors is meeting tonight to discuss using another platform, which I’m not very happy about, and vBulletin seems to be where they want to go.

    In any case, I’d like to thank you and JA for your products and support efforts. I wish you all the best.

    P.S. I may be cancelling the ja wall subscription should I fail to hang on to our use of joomla at this meeting, but I wont know until later this evening.

    Warm regards,


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