phong nam Friend

Hi tolja,

I would like to answer your questions on JA Image Hotspot module as follows:

<blockquote>where i can add new “Point Type” icons?</blockquote>

We use the icon background image to display the location point. If you want to replace this icon, you can try to create a custom.css file at templates/ja_beranis/css/ path and put the override css rules into:

.jai-map-container .point {
background: url("../images/point-bg.png") no-repeat left top;

Replace with icon background image you want.

<blockquote>when u click on some location to hold popup (instead to select it from drop down) and optional link ofc</blockquote>

As the office dropdown on this module is built with the javascripts of their location tooltip box, it will be not a good idea to edit the whole module front-end again to replace your new feature.

<blockquote>also (for example ) if i add bigger image and can’t show all in for example 800x 400 px.. that people can drag and move image to see the rest of image with with locations something like a google maps</blockquote>

The recommend maximum width of map image to upload is 870px to view on desktop view, because the map image is also limited by the width of its module. For bigger map size, it will be cut or hidden a little bit on the right side.