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Two exciting things happened in last few days, Joomla 3.5 stable is out with cool new features and K2 also released long awaited updated version. They both increased our work load but we had been eagerly waiting for them. March is almost over and in the next 30 days this is what we plan to deliver for our members.

April 2016 Joomla template :

We have decided to include the latest K2 version into the upcoming template but that would result in some delays. The scheduled date of release is now set to 5th April. We will put up the preview of the same on 28th March.

  • Preview : 28 March 2016 (on our forums)
  • Release Date : 5 April 2016
Healthcare Joomla template

Responsive Joomla template for Health care

View higher resolution screenshot →

FREE Joomla template - JA Simpli

Yes, we are excited about JA Simpli. It is truly simple (no framework), fast, responsive and probably will prove to be best of the free templates available around. It comes with good features and is very easy to customize.
  • Delivery schedule : Mid April 2016
  • Preview : 30th March 2016 (on our blog)
Free Joomla template JA Simpli

Free Responsive Joomla template


Ease of customization with powerful admin panel

Free Joomla template with ease of customization

Customize Font, Color for any element in your site with pre-defined parameters

Joomla Admin Template

We wanted to do one for long but it never got the chance to move this up on the backlog. One of our lead developers in his free time got this project rolling and we have decided to allocate resources and have a stable release soon. It would be easy to use, customizable (branding).

  • Delivery schedule : April 2016 end
  • Preview : 2nd week April
Admin Joomla template

Joomla Admin Template

April Backlog Summarized :

  • Free Joomla template (no framework) JA Simpli
  • Compatibility testing of JA simpli for popular extensions
  • Admin template
  • Testing and upgrade all templates to J 3.5
  • Testing and upgrade of all 3rd party extensions
  • Bug fixes for reported issues
  • New extension k2 to com_content migration (including extra fields)
  • K2 new version support in upcoming template (April release)
  • Review and update product pages for outdated information
  • Partner with 3rd party developer for better integration and style support
  • Concept for May template
  • May Template development
  • Documentation for new releases

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T3 features :

We can add more features to T3, including a page builder, but I do not want to put my members through the vicious cycle of migrations or major upgrades. The Joomla migrations over the year have been painful enough. I feel sad that we could not upgrade all our J 1.5 or J 2.5 templates to J 3.x due to resource constraints, Joomla lost lots of users in between the migrations and so did we and I do not want to lose anymore members. So, T3 features are on card but I would want to make it simple to upgrade to. Give me time.

Customization Services

Wish to add a custom layout, migrations, upgrades? Anything that you find difficult to achieve, our customization team can help you out.

Custom service

Message to members (past and present)

You are in safe hands and we care. I can assure you of all the help possible with our products to help you finish your projects and launch on time. Your continued trust in us is more important than anything else. This is what JoomlArt is all about.

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If you think your issue has not been handled well, just shoot me a single liner email at If required I will even share my skype to get things moving faster. I am sure there are enough testimonials for above process.


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