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    Hi Tim,

    You will see that I did comment in CSS code that the value for width / height is just a sample and you will have to adjust them to suite your need as I'm not sure about your logo width / height you're going to use.

    If you can clarify a little bit about your idea so I can help you with correct values.
    Best regards,

    Adam M

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    O.K. - Been recovering from a Hack to our CMS. Adam M we did add your code - but have no idea on the recommended sizes nor how they would work with each of these 5 different formatting problems (illustrated below) after implementing the new Joomla and the new JA Wall template. We are currently running Joomla 3.3.6 - PHP 5.4.31 - JA_Wall 1.2 - with all extensions updated on www.dr4christ.com

    As you can see in the graphic below there are 4 problems created by the update that occured (illustrated in .jpgs) 1.) The logo now has a gaping space rather than being justified with the menu. 2.) The "Home" menu has been cut off and the menu no longer connects with the logo 3.) There is a massive akward space all the way across the page 4.) The categories menu (specifically the word Categories) looks uneven horizontally and when scrolling down through the side menu it disappears completly.

    Home Page.jpg

    5.) When looking at this in a Mobile device you get the following garble on top of the logo

    ipad and iphone.jpg

    All these problems happen Universally through any of the categories on the left. It would be nice if we could somehow figure this out across multiple templates offered in JA Wall - but for now we would like it just to work again.

    PDF Update.jpg

    None of these problems exsisted in the older version of Joomla thanks to Wingly who's previous work is also documented in this thread - however this being a new version of Joomla were not sure if the same changes need to be repeated - or altered for the new version. Thanks for everything.

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