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    after installing jat3 plugin and quockstart i got lot of errr

    see my attachment file

    he i first install ja_karnoos quick stat ,after installing i got so many error
    i think this is my quck start error

    after that i download new Joomla setup and install jat3 plugin and template and i got same error

    is er php_error= on see my attachment

    what is taht error,what is step to remove that error,is therre problem in your product
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    Do Ha
    Hi pranavpatil19

    They just are messages that announce some restrict between PHP4 and PHP5.
    So you could turn them off by configuration in php.ini or in Joomla as following steps:
    1. Access your site back-end
    2. Click Site menu => Global configuration
    3. Select tab Server and set Error reporting to None or Simple
    4. Save it.

    I hope it help!

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