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    JA Purity II - V 1.2. Bug Fixes & Improvement Release...

    1.2 ( 02/Feb/10 | Release Notes) Bug fix & Improvement Release

    Version 1.2 comes with Enhanced Mega Menu as mentioned in HERE. Users of T3 framework should also go through the wiki for more information and tips.

    New Feature : 1

    JATCPURITYII-87 FIXED Add animation effect for megamenu

    Improvements : 3

    JATCPURITYII-84 FIXED Update to use new menu item parameters (JA Extended)
    JATCPURITYII-59 FIXED Please make the IE6 warning appear only once
    JATCPURITYII-83 FIXED multiple imrpovements and code commits to multiple files

    Bug Fixes : 14

    JATCPURITYII-90 FIXED "Deprecated" in PHP5.3
    JATCPURITYII-47 FIXED A login form with a background color (lmodule class CSS : _red) doesn't display the letters you type in the identifiant and password boxes
    JATCPURITYII-33 FIXED Template overrides for Contact Form not proper. Contact form is distorted.
    JATCPURITYII-74 FIXED Add icon (min, max) to Purity ii
    JATCPURITYII-80 FIXED Fix class wrapper
    JATCPURITYII-77 FIXED Fix error 500 on PHP4
    JATCPURITYII-85 FIXED JA Extended params - not able to use multi select
    JATCPURITYII-75 FIXED Multiple bugs / fixes
    JATCPURITYII-78 FIXED Update IE6 warning
    JATCPURITYII-79 FIXED Update spotline calculator: support special width last or first
    JATCPURITYII-82 FIXED iphone.js update
    JATCPURITYII-72 FIXED menu icon missing when SEF enabled
    JATCPURITYII-81 FIXED mobile layout fixes
    JATCPURITYII-76 FIXED restructure ie6warning folder. Put everything of this form into folder ie6.

    For complete changelog and road map. Please view Purity II Project Page.

    Hung Dinh

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