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  1. Sticky: The flash layer display below else content, so we...

    The flash layer display below else content, so we should use the flash shower script. And then, the flash will display in the highest layer...
  2. Question I've used paid templates. And have some...

    I've used paid templates. And have some modifications in it.
    Thank for your looking and advise!
  3. Replies

    Poll: Just Solved button, please!

    Just Solved button, please!
  4. Question ja_zibal, is it not secure?

    ja_zibal, is it not secure?
  5. Question http://tinlanhsandnes.no/ Now, it's solved...


    Now, it's solved and working again
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    Poll: SOTM | Hehe, i like www.smn.gr/ and www.webhangdoc.com,...

    Hehe, i like www.smn.gr/ and www.webhangdoc.com, both site have non-english language.
    Why i can't select both? What the nicer site?
    Finally, i choose www.webhangdoc.com. It got my voted!
  7. Question My site is not secure, and it's defaced. Help me

    Huhu, my site is hacked, help me...
    Yesterday, i used jomlart template and today it's defaced.
    My hosting is hostgator, shared hosting. i chmod 777 to cache, media,components, templates...
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